Kingakaitse 100tk kmpl

Kingakaitse 100tk kmpl

Kingakaitse 100tk kmpl

Kingakaitse 100tk kmpl

Kingakaitse 100tk kmpl
Kingakaitse 100tk kmpl
Kingakaitse 100tk kmpl

Kingakaitse 100tk kmpl

KM-ta: 6.78€
Tootekood: 419295020
Saadavus: Laos

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Metallidetektoriga tuvastatav.


Colour: Blue 
Detection: Metal with magnetic braiding

An effective barrier against dirt and low-risk contaminants where shoes or floors need protection from contamination, spills and splashes. Single use only.  

Disposable for infections control measures. Hygienic for personal protection benefits. Convenience leads to improved compliance of use. Cost-effective and economical for regular use. Fluid resistant - protects shoes from liquid spills, splashes and soil. Protects shoes and floors from contaminations or damages. 

Producer  Company informs that the metal detectable products have magnetic characteristics and can be detected by standard metal detection systems. However due to settings of different metal detection systems, we cannot guarantee that our products will be detected by your metal detectors. Therefore we cannot take responsibility for any non-detection of our products or their parts. Detectability of our products depends on metal detector settings, and type of food products produced (product composition, size, humidity etc). In order to make sure that our metal detectable products will be detected we strongly recommend that you test it on your metal detectors before you use it.  

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